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What’s the Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type?

Got Fine, Flat hair?
Fine hair has up to 50% less protein than thicker hair, so it struggles to stand up against the weight of styling residue, dirt and excess oils. The result? Hair becomes limp and lifeless. Start with a daily volumnizing shampoo that is designed to remove excess residue and leave hair squeaky clean. The clear formulation skips the heavy moisturizers so you can get that bouncy, light hair with a thicker, fuller look.
Tackling Thick, Frizzy Tresses?
Thick hair can easily become big and frizzy, so a moisturizing or smoothing shampoo to help tame it . Be generous on the amount of shampoo you use; oftentimes, thicker hair isn’t washed as frequently as fine hair and may need more shampoo to be cleaned. Another alternative is to use a leave-in treatment to combat trouble dry spots.
Controlling Curly, Dry hair?
Curly hair can be a challenge, especially because curl patterns are unique. These curl patterns often block naturally moisturizing scalp oils from making it all the way down the hair shaft, making curly hair prone to more breakage and dryness. Moisturizing shampoos designed for curly hair will help detangle strands and provide protection for wet hair that minimizes breakage. Also, remember to baby those curls by gently massaging your scalp. Then, work shampoo to the ends, and rinse thoroughly.

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